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Getting born

New website? Break some tech!


Well, it looks like the site is more or less in working order.  There’s a webserver with a domain name.  There’s a WordPress install and a theme.  There’s some content and an “about us” page.  That’s the start of a website, mehinks!

Getting comments up and running will take some more time.  Having a website “more or less functional” is a far cry from “ready to compete with the big boys.”  Still, it’s a place to publish reviews that I believe readers want to read; that’s the part that really matters. We’ll tack on chrome as we go.

So it looks like We Break Tech is live, ladies and gentlemen!  We Break Tech so you don’t have to; let us begin…

Original text:

Hey everyone!  We’re just slapping a few things together here to get the site up and running.  Please bear with us during this necessary birthing process.  Thanks for your patience!


Webreaktech: breaking wetware too!

At we break tech, we break all tech; even the wetware!

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Trevor Pott is a full-time nerd from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He splits his time between systems administration, technology writing, and consulting. As a consultant he helps Silicon Valley start-ups better understand systems administrators and how to sell to them.

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